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Graphic Design vs. UI-UX Design: What is the Difference

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Graphic Design vs. UI-UX Design: What is the Difference

When you say designers, everyone considers every designer the same. At first look, graphic design and user interface design are the same thing. They're both interested in aesthetics and developing beautiful things, aren't they?

These two design-related job titles, user experience design (UX design) and graphic design, may seem identical. While graphic designers focus on visual elements, UX designers focus on the overall interaction between a user and a product.

In this blog, we'll cover the differences between UX designers and graphic designers, as well as various other design roles and how to transition from graphic design to UX.

A detailed guide to design role:

When we look through job boards, we will likely come across many opportunities with the word "designer." Let's take a look at four common design roles that everyone should be aware of:

Graphic designer:

Create visual material for print or digital media using colour, images, shapes, and typefaces. As non-interactive, static layouts, these designs are typically used to communicate with the target audience - product, logos, commercials, signage, displays, packaging, and brochures.

Visual Designer:

A visual designer frequently focuses on creating a product or brand identity that transcends several platforms and customer touchpoints.

User interface (UI) designer:

Whereas graphic designers generate static visual material, UI designers develop interactive visual content. Graphical aspects of apps, websites, and electronic gadgets with which consumers interact are included.

UX designer:

UX designers are concerned with the interaction between a user and a product, as well as how that interaction makes them feel. This sort of design includes information architecture and product prototyping in addition to visual design.

What is the difference between graphic design and user interface design?

Graphic design is a type of artistic design in which visual content is employed to convey a message. Print media (such as magazine covers, posters, and business cards) and digital media (such as logos, websites, and apps) are included.

UI design is a digital-only field. It is concerned with the design of digital user interfaces, which are the points of contact between humans and computers. A UI designer, for example, built all of the visual and interactive features in a mobile app or website.

The following are some significant differences between graphic design and user interface design:

- Graphic design encompasses both print and digital; UI design is solely concerned with the creation of digital user interfaces (such as websites and applications).

- Graphic design is primarily concerned with static aesthetics, but UI design is concerned with both static and interactive design (for example, animations, screen transitions, and functional features like clickable buttons).

- The primary purpose of visual design is to deliver a certain message to the audience; the primary goal of UI design is to assure usability and assist the user in navigating and interacting with the product.

Here are some examples of graphic design:
  • Printed posters
  • Brochures and flyers (both printed and digital)
  • The book covers with infographics
  • Labels and packaging for products
  • Company cards
  • Signs
  • Graphics for websites and mobile apps
  • Logos
  • Marketing and advertising campaign graphics
  • Graphics in video games
Examples of user interface design include:
  • Websites, apps, software, and video games (in particular, the screens or interfaces of these items)
  • Buttons, menus, scrollbars, photos, and typography are examples of individual elements used in digital products.
  • Text entry fields and form
  • Transitions and animations. For instance, the motion that moves you from one website page to the next.
  • Custom graphics and illustrations, such as logos and icons

Final words:

These are some major differences between UX designers and graphic designers. If you are unsure about what has to be done with your brand/product, finding guidance from some of the greatest advertising companies can be beneficial. Contact flyerdigi to know more about our graphic design services.

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