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Cinema Advertising Benefits

It Delivers your message to a captive audience

Increase Audience engagement

Cost is less for advertising compared to the brand impression

Attract audience's attention toward the brand

On-screen copy helps to increase ad recall

It creates a memorable brand image in the audience's mind

Popular theater chains where we release ads

Why to release theater ad with Flyerdigi?

  • Professional advertisement planning and monitoring
  • Offer the best pricing range for advertisement
  • Creating a wide range of screening ad options
  • An experienced and creative expert team
  • 18+ language support
  • Saves your valuable time spent on advertising
  • Innovative and engaging messages in a highly effective manner
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Cinema Advertising Types

On Screen Advertising

On-screen theater advertising is one of the massive advertising for your business. It provides a subtle and suggestive method to an attentive and captive audience. Movie studios collectively use this advertisement to target focus groups for fractions of the price.

Off Screen Advertising

Off-screen is the wonderful theater advertising opportunity your brand gets with various strategic places such as cinemas, and multiplex malls. It gives the best opportunity to display the products such as screen entry arch (3D patterns), box office, sign ages, and standees.

Type of on screen Advertisements

Slide Show Ad

We can run the single or multiple image slide ads to promote your brand on cinema screen.

Slide Show with voice over Ad

We can run the single or multiple image slide ads to promote your brand on cinema screen.

Corporate Ad

We can run the single or multiple image slide ads to promote your brand on cinema screen.

Type of off screen Advertisements

Standee Design

A standee design is a self-standing advertising display. We are offering this standee theater advertising for the best optimum advertisement.

Seat Branding

In the outside seats in the theatre, we are providing off-screening cinema advertising to recall the brand in the eyes of the audience.

Popcorn Branding

Popcorn branding is considered to be the advertising we offer on the boards near popcorn stalls.

WashRoom Branding

We at Flyerdigi run single and multiple image ads in the area of the washroom by treating the off-screen theater advertising of a brand.

LED Screen Branding

It makes more attentive advertising and attracts the audience's eyes to the display ads. With the help of LED screening, we help to build more leads into your business.

Area Branding

It is the balcony area where we display the ads with images in sliders. It is also a most likely way of advertising to the audience.

Ticket Branding

Providing the best offers and discounts on tickets at cinemas helps to boost your brand more likely by the people.

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Why cinema advertising in india?

Cinema advertising in India gives better results in brand recall among the generally captive audiences as observed in a confined environment. For the last few years, India is one of the most film producer countries and people are more like to theaters to spend their time out of home for entertainment. A good enough ad on theater advertising helps to engage most people with the brand.

Theater Ads Execution Timing

Conventionally new ad campaigns begin every friday of the week due to arriving of satellite-based technology. The timings of the ad campaign are important which usually runs in the multiplication of weeks such as 1 week, 4 weeks, 12 weeks, 24 weeks, etc. Availability of inventory is one deciding factor when the ad campaign will run in theater advertising.

Censor certification for advertising on screen

Censor certification is vital to run ads campaign in cinema advertising which is mandatorily taken from the central board of film certification. The extra charges are applicable for censor certification which you can apply directly to the CBFC website or you can outsource from the agency on your behalf of you. Kindly note the information that very short video ads that you want to run in different languages required different certifications. Also, the corporate ads required censor certification for running ads campaigns.

File format specification for video commercial


PVR, lnox, Cinepolis, Prasadz lmax,Carnival Cinemas, Asian Cinemas and most multiplexes


UFO Cinema Screens





File conversion to J2K format

J2K is file type format which is a mandatory requirement to run your ad on many of the film projectors. This conversion is been done by third party agency at additional cost. No matter the type of ad you want to run if projector only supports J2K, we will have to convert our files once to this format. Once you have your creative converted to this format, you can utilize it as many times you need.

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